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Attention Manitoba Bands!!!

Are you sitting on unsold merch from your old bands collecting dust!?! Well we are looking to take that off your hands to sell at future fundraisers and such! Willing to pay at cost or low low costs AND OR love donations 🖤 Email for more info!! Much love always

#syls #SupportYourLocalScene

Tuesday May 24, 2022

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About us

Badlands Promotions is a promotion business basedout of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba and promotes liveshows in Portage la Prairie, Winnipeg, and Brandon, Manitoba.

Our organization has served the music industry for over 5 years.

Our goal is to show support to musicians, whether it’s a new band that wants to gain exposure, an established band that just wants to share their passion and new music with fans , or a touring band that’s rolling through our beautiful province. We thrive to inspire young musicians to present their music with us. One of our main goals is to help heal mental health through the love of music.

We Support Your Local Scene.
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