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Hey everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to apologize for lack of updates yet again. I havent been feeling all that great but I’m starting to bounce back now.

I want to thank all of our Sponsors, Frozen Fire Studios, Brazen Hall Brewing Company, Devine Shirt Company, Hold Fast Photography, Suver Design, Mikey Photograph, Stewart Trophies, L.A. Custom Painting, Cobra Collectables, and Mayfair Print Shoppe.

I also want to that the crew that helped make all of this possible. Tommy Suver, Violet Vopni, Brett Naskrent, & Denny Ferguson. Without you guys I would never have been able to do this alone.

Thanks to the performers, Damnit Jim, Epirus, The Whatevermen, SilverWater, Inflikted, Black Optic, Indigo, Seventh String, and Memorial Brigade for the amazing performances you put on!

Thank you to the fans who nominated and voted! Its you guys who made the call who was competing and who won!

And of course thank you to all the nominee’s for being a part of this and sharing the vote page! Its been truely an honor to be able to help present these awards to our talented musicians in Manitoba

Next Year we are planning much more so keep watching! And now… Your winners of the 2021 Awards show
~Dag Aymont (Badlands Promotions Inc.)

Guitaristof The Year – Paige Drobot

Bassistof The Year – Dave L’Heureux (The Murderbirds)

Drummer of The Year – Paetan Charette (Murder Capital)

Vocalist of The Year – Anthony Valade (Adiethylamide)

Female Fronted of The Year – Full Circle

Abassador of The Year (Top Fan Surprise Award) – Lyle Foster

Cover Band of The Year – The Murder Birds

Tribute Band of The Year – Maiden Manitoba

Hardcore Band of The Year – Murder Capital

Punk Band of The Year – Bloodorn

Rock Band of The Year – SilverWater

Metal Band of The Year – Epirus

Videographer of The Year – Eric Peters

Photographer of The Year – Brittany Lambert – Hold Fast Photography

Hardcore Album of The Year –  Murder Capital – The Mortality Model

Punk Album of The Year – Six Outta Ten – Divided

Rock Album of The Year – Ronnie Ladobruk & The Electric – Self Titled

Metal Album of The Year – Votov – I.X.X.I
(Chuck Labossiere also recieved a surprise award of Asshole of The Year)

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