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Formed in 2015, VOTOV is a three piece Death Metal band based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Fans describe their music as old school Death Metal, with thrash undertones. Their first self-titled album was released independently in 2017 and was hailed by fans worldwide as a brutal dark symphony of primeval dark grooves, bursting with aggression. Votov’s writing style and execution is like a tank rolling through a battlefield. This is metal in its purest form, unwavering and unforgiving. Votov started working on writing their second album in February of 2018 (two months after the release of the debut). Votov released their newest album called I.X.X.I. on CDN Records, March 20, 2020, promoting the album with music and lyric videos. The group has stayed busy on the recording front due to the absence of live shows.

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