A veteran of the Winnipeg punk scene, Paul ‘Twist’ Schaeffer has been playing guitar in punk outfits for over 30 years. Armed his signature white Les Paul onstage presence licks and vertical ! E ngag aerials , , ing adored with a picture of Bettie Page, the audience with he is certainly an a relentless barrage of power chords put ting the “bird” in the Murder Birds , his latest band. , screaming Twist plays loud. Really loud!! When asked to turn down, he never does. In fact, inevitably, he will turn his amp up. It seems almost apropos that he should be nominated for guitarist of the year by the Manitoba Loud Music Awards, a group that advocates and recognizes the achievements of As cofounder purveyors and guitarist of “loud” music. of The Murder Bird s (2021 recipient of MLMA’s ‘Cover Band of The Year’ award) , he continues to pay homage to the punk rock music that has encompassed his life for the past four decades.