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Badlands Promotions is a promotion business basedout of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba and promotes liveshows in Portage la Prairie, Winnipeg, and Brandon,Manitoba. Our organization has served the musicindustry for over 5 years.
Our goal is to show support to musicians whether it’s anew band that wants to gain exposure, establishedband that just wants to share their passion and newmusic with fans , or a touring band that’s rollingthrough our beautiful province. We thrive to inspireyoung musicians to present their music with us. One ofour main goals is to help heal mental health throughthe love of music.
We Support Your Local Scene.

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Our artists

Marco Sanchez

- Tattooist -

Francky Nossom

- Piercer -

Cindy Lopes

- Tattooist -

Mickey Gosh

- Piercer -

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