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MƎNꓘ is a Canadian metalcore band formed in the mid 2010s. Their playing style incorporates elements of death metal, progressive rock and hardcore. While explaining their influences, the band has noted other metal acts like Jinjer, Knocked Loose and Textures, in addition to groups across the spectrum of R&B, soul and hip-hop such as JuiceWRLD and Tove Lo. Since their inception, the band has released four singles. MƎNꓘs pummeling and positive music inspires a wide variety of music listeners, so join their journey and let MƎNꓘ inspire you too
If when your best friend, mom, or dog tell you about their new favorite metal band, your first assumptions will probably go something like… “Great… one of those inaudible gurgling low growl bands followed by some forced falsetto singing bands”Or… “I’m sure they got those ripping, constant, fastest blast beats ever.” And be all like… “Probably has those syncopated breakdowns written in Morse Code with 10 string guitars.But brace yourself. MENK is a powerfully innovative fresh approach to metal you’ve been waiting for. Pushing the evolution of modern aggressive music with their truly passionate musical performances, fronted by jaw dropping powerful dynamic range of vocals, delivering a positive and enlightening perspectives on common issues and personal demons we all face in our lives. When asked why MENK are steering their sound away from the ongoing trends in today’s metal music, MENK says “We want to create aggressive metal music but on a platform that will reach the appreciation of a wider, music adoring audience of moms, cats, and gypsies alike” MENK’s belief is that honesty, family, and encouraging love towards all are the most important things for people to focus on in those hard times, so we direct our message towards those positive vibes. MENK is:Tomi Stangl – DrumsSteve Rumpli – Vocals Brad Lazer – Guitar, bass, and vocals

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