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Perception Check

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What’s more gnarly than a trio of pissed off nerds? We don’t know, and quite frankly — we don’t want to know. Perception Check has been playing their unique brand of punk rock since 2014, progressively honing in on what makes the group’s combined musical skills special. Dubbed as ‘crunch punk’, their music is an eclectic mix of piercing rhythm, chainsaw precision, and beautiful melody all wrapped in a noisy blanket. Beyond this, the group has made radical tolerance a focal point of their brand, ensuring that folks from all walks of marginalized life can safely take part in live music and find a home within the community, and emboldening one another to wholly reject those who seek to harm & hate others. Encapsulating these ideals can be found in their parody of Dead Kennedys’ California Uber Alles (Manitoba Uber Alles), and the drum & bass epic, Tough Guy Big Man. Perception Check has toured Eastern Canada prior to the pandemic, and has released three studio albums — two of which were made to sound good by local legend, John Paul Peters, of Private Ear. These three pissed off nerds (Carson, Caleb, & Travis) have no plans to stop exploring their brand of music any time soon.

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