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Sleep/less emerged in 2017 as a 3-piece band driven by Beau Turner, Brad Conrad Wiebe, and John Corsiga, blending their influences from pop-rock and pop-punk music. Their journey took flight with a 5-month tour across Canada in 2018, performing for over 22,000 youth. In 2020, they found their sound with the release of “Laska” and have since been crafting an exciting catalog of songs. With the massive guitar parts, layered vocals, and dynamic drums showcased in their single “Means to an End” released in January 2022, Sleep/less reached new heights. Expanding to a 5-piece later that year, they opened for renowned acts like Our Lady Peace, Big Wreck, and Finger Eleven in the summer of 2022. Their latest triumph is the EP “Bring Back Movie Quote Song Titles,” released in February 2023, which pays homage to an era of movie-inspired song titles. With a commitment to innovation and their unique blend of genres, Sleep/less is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music industry.

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